Read At Your Own Risk: ‘Joker Joker Deuce’ Is Now On That Level

Joker Joker Deuce is a psychological thriller that will be published in print and ebook in the very near future. But for now, it can be read on Patreon as it gets published chapter by chapter, and the story takes a very twisted turn in Chapter III.

Chapter I introduces Jeph, a loner in his basement on his sophisticated computer system, going through his social media and talking about murders that have recently taken place in his college town of Bridgeport. Across town is a dedicated college student studying alone in the student center while every guy around the room is staring at her like hungry animals with drool dripping from the sides of their mouths. She stops reading long enough to check her phone but quickly makes a few taps on it and puts it back beside her to continue reading.

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The chapter bounces back and forth between the two as Jeph gets dissed on a dating platform by a girl who reached out to him, and our college student has finally had enough studying when she begins packing her stuff and heading out for the evening. Jeph doesn’t take kindly to being teased by such a random girl on a dating site, which sends him into hyper-investigation mode. He has ways of tracking down who exactly she is by finding her on social media and then finding out where exactly she is at that very moment. Determined, he packs a bag and heads out to find her.

The story progresses with how he masterfully tracks her down with all the technology he has at his disposal. The really frightening part is that everything he uses is freely available to everyone. But Chapter III introduces us to who Jeph really is as he takes the girl to an abandoned playground after duping her into allowing him to give her a ride. That was her last mistake.

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Chapter III begins with warnings, very serious warnings!

Content Warning: The following content contains material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some readers. Violence and Sexual Undertones.

I felt the need to put those warnings into place because of how graphic the chapter gets. You won’t read any adult content as far as rape is concerned. There is no sexual intercourse at all. But Jeph definitely makes you think he’s going to go there. The warning is really for the graphic violence. Jeph is very creative when it comes to taking his frustrations out on someone he thinks is responsible for his lack of romantic life.

The screenplay was written years ago and optioned to a director who was excited about filming it. But 2020 came along and put those plans on hold indefinitely. I decided to offer the story for book lovers to read, especially if they like psychological thrillers with very few filters.

Begin the journey on Patreon! Once the last chapter is written, it will be made available in print and ebook on Amazon, just like my other books. I also plan on offering it in audio, which I think I’ll be recording myself. In the meantime, enjoy a preview of Joker Joker Deuce.

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