Adam Sandler Playing Pickup Basketball In The Park

With everything going on out in Hollywood and how Adam Sandler has made his fame, his life would appear to be on hold. Only it’s not, because in his time off from making movies he has been picking up a few games of basketball at a public court in New York.

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With WGA and SAG-AFTRA on strike where Adam Sandler has been spotted a few times, almost all of Hollywood has been shut down. There have been a few projects that have been given permission to proceed but for the most part, nothing is moving forward until agreements are made. That means Adam has been able to enjoy his time off and to him, that means picking up some basketball games.

It seems he does it regularly. A fan who caught a random video actually didn’t even know it was him until her date pointed it out to her. Could you imagine sitting courtside at a pickup game and not realizing that you’re watching the star of The Waterboy?

She wasn’t the only fan sitting courtside that day catching it on film. What is heartwarming is that the players are treating him like a regular guy and this moment catches him clowning with a teammate.

When it comes to his game, he’s actually worth watching. He has a passing game that is pretty sweet. I don’t know how he shoots, but I can imagine he has that down too.

Even though those clips seem to be of the same game or at least the same evening, it’s not the only Adam Sandler B-Ball sighting. Yes, I said it that way on purpose because while very cool, fans handle these things as if they just spotted Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster.

With fellow actor Timothée Chalamet, Sandler was caught on the court a few weeks earlier. After watching these videos, I’m actually interested in hitting him up for a game. But he probably only plays good players. I’d only hold him back because I lost my game a long time ago.

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