Coachella Lana Del Rey Lame Fine For Staying Up Too Late

Lana Del Rey put on a great show at Coachella 2024 to dancing and cheering fans who are grown adults by the way, or at least they are supposed to be. But the city of Indio, California seems to feel different about that because it says bedtime is at 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays, but midnight on Sundays. You know, because it’s a school night.

That’s right! Because of Lana Del Rey, Coachella was hit with a $28,000 fine simply because the singer-songwriter refused to get off the stage on time. When she rode in on the back of a motorcycle, festival organizers should have known she was up to no good. That’s a bad girl move. Everyone knows that.

She played on Friday, April 19th, which means she needed to be done at 1 am. That’s when the Festival Police sweeps through and puts everyone to bed. If partygoers haven’t taken their baths and put away their toys by then, they don’t get read a bedtime story.

So Lana, being the bad girl she is, pushed those limits. She stood up to the dictatorship and went over by 13 minutes. 13 MINUTES! Can you believe that? She was just asking for trouble.

If I knew I was going to pay a fine, I would have kept going for a few more hours. If I were the festival organizers, I would have made a deal with a few new up-and-coming bands at that very moment and told them to get on stage, put on a show. You’re already paying a fine. Why not make it worth something?

Was Lana Del Rey briefed on the strict time constraints of the music festival? Is Indio the lamest town in California? I’ve heard of 3 am curfews but 1 am is annoyingly early. It seems like a restriction placed on residents by a town council who wear Depends and toast with Ensure before every meeting.

The town has fined the festival before. They get the benefit of a crazy amount of people coming into town and getting hotel rooms, eating at restaurants, and boosting the economy. Last year, that number was half a million. Even though Billboard reports lower numbers in 2024, it’s still a huge economy-boosting number but Indio wants more.

They stand like a pack of salivating wolves at the gates for the festival to run over one second. Then, they pounce with fines because money is fun. The festival organizers should negotiate exceptions with the town and offer them hearing aids as a nice gesture before every meeting. If the rules won’t be changed, find another town close enough so they can hear the festival but far enough that they can’t fine it anymore.

That’s my way of solving everything. I don’t like curfews. I don’t like being told where I can camp. And I don’t like being told to turn down the music. Maybe I’m the problem.

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