The Taylor Swift Trolls Are At It Again

With The Tortured Poets Department sales breaking records, Taylor Swift really shouldn’t let any of it bother her. The trolls just troll to troll. Hate is their favorite game and she’s their favorite target.

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But it becomes increasingly annoying when the game that the trolls started rubs off on others. There is no reason for anyone to hate on Taylor Swift unless success and kindness have become traits we no longer desire. I’d say that bullying and jealousy would be undesirable traits, but what do I know? That’s what these trolls are trying to do to Taylor Swift but it’s not working. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

The thing is that it goes a little too far when anti-fans start to describe her as evil. I don’t know whether they actually believe that or not but it really is stretching things. She has a right to express herself and as a creative, that means in ways some people might not understand or like. You always have the right to censor yourself and not listen to her. But to try to frame her as evil is ridiculous. These claims can’t be taken seriously.

Creative expression is often a soul-searching journey. It can take an artist deep inside themselves and that’s where religious beliefs are often found. Religious topics have been explored in music since the first note was invented. But Taylor Swift does it and she’s slipped over to the “dark side?”

If she’s evil, let’s take a look at her life. She is a good role model who is very giving to charity. She is showing young women how to respect themselves and stand up for themselves. When she talks to an audience or posts on social media, she always has a positive message. She’s hardly evil.

There’s an unhealthy amount of jealousy toward her and why is anyone’s guess. Are the trolls jealous of her phenomenal success? It is quite impressive. She drops the album and it breaks records by a landslide. She was already a billionaire before the album sales. Now that her sales are hitting a billion streams in a week, she might be looking at a few more billion dollars before it’s all done. That’s a lot to be jealous about.

I think it’s the backlash that happens when someone gets too successful. Too much exposure to a good thing starts to turn people against it. For some reason, this seems natural. If it’s not natural, it sure is common. So, the Taylor Swift Syndrome is what some people are feeling or it can be known by a different name such as Taylor Swift Exhaustion.

She has so much energy and she’s all over the place. That might have caused some of the ill feelings toward her. But eventually, you have to grow up. We’re not on the elementary school playground anymore hating on people because they wore the same shoes.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has boosted the economy everywhere she went. She went to a football game and more people tuned in that week than all the other games. More people watched that game than any other in the whole season. Her boyfriend’s jerseys started flying off the shelves. And to think that this is the lady who stood there at the VMAs receiving her award when Kanye interrupted her and took her microphone from her. That was a long time ago and that was another Taylor Swift.

Where I come from, we cheer on winners. We don’t try to tear them down. But the years since my youth have changed a lot of things and I guess hateful jealousy and bullying now reign supreme in this brave new world.

The Tortured Poets Department is streaming now! Give it a listen to see what all the buzz is about. It’s Taylor Swift so you know it’s going to be great. At the very least, put the trolls in their place and drive those album sales up so it makes them go insane. You know it’s what you want!

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