Katie McGrath Did Her Own Stunts in ‘Jurassic World’

It’s not normal to hear of a celebrity doing their own stunts. Hollywood has stunt people for that purpose. Watching Katie McGrath get thrown around and dunked underwater, she goes through a lot to make Jurassic World and deserves respect.

Jurassic World is about an amusement park that has been built where the original Jurassic dinosaurs were brought back to life in 1993. Because that was such a good idea and all, they thought making an amusement park out of the beasts would work. What could possibly go wrong?

Chris Pratt, Judy Greer, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Vincent D’Onofrio star in the 2015 film, along with some other great names. Katie McGrath is one of them. She plays the part of Zara, an assistant who is assigned to watch the boys Zach and Gray, but they evade her. Of course, they do. Because when there are killer dinosaurs in the area and kids need to be on their best behavior, count on them in the movie to get away and put themselves in danger.

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Zara does her best to find the boys, but she gets caught up in the chaos of a dinosaur attack with people running in every direction. She eventually gets snagged by a Pteranodons and dropped in water. When she thought she might be able to survive, a Mosasaurus comes along and devours her and it’s all because of those meddling kids.

Katie McGrath has gone on to do eight episodes in Slasher, seven in Frontier, and 96 in Supergirl, while she has three episodes of the John Wick mini-series coming up. Of course, fans will be seeing plenty of her in the future as long as she does her stunts right and nothing goes wrong there.

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