Kai Cenat Sparks Chaos In New York Without Even Trying

New York City’s Union Square got a little extra attention on Friday night when Kai Cenat announced a giveaway. He promised to give away a PlayStation as well as other electronics, and that was all it took to send teenagers into a frenzy.

Kai Cenat has 6.5 million followers on Twitch as well as 3.67 million subscribers on YouTube. Throw in an additional 5.6 million on Instagram and 7.2 million on TikTok. It’s actually surprising that the crowd caused by Kai’s giveaway was only numbered in the thousands.

It’s crazy what social media has become. I remember first learning about social media when I found a site called Tribe. This was before Myspace. Tribe was launched in 2003 and Myspace came along later that year. So, it was very close. But with Facebook coming in 2004 and then Twitter in 2006, Tribe was before its time.

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There were a few people who knew how to leverage the power of social media back then, while the rest of us were only creating profiles and having fun with it. But now, social media is crazy. It has consumed the internet, and it’s not going to fade away any time soon.

Wannabe influencers get about 5,000 followers and think they have enough clout to ask for free stuff. Entitled influencers contact restaurants and hotels promising a “shoutout” for free food or a free stay. While treatment like that is certainly possible, it takes being a real influencer who can pull a crowd, and that’s the kind of influencer Kai Cenat is.

The streets were swarmed with fans. Of course, they wanted free electronics. But the fact is that Kai was able to get their attention, and that’s because of his reach. What they did with it after that was total chaos, and Kai was even arrested for it. He’ll start his court proceedings later in August, and he’ll learn more about managing the kind of power he wields with the mass following he has.

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