Ticketmaster Is Taking A Beating Today From Taylor Swift Fans

When Taylor Swift announced new tour dates, fans got excited and went crazy. Then, they remembered the hell Ticketmaster put them through, and it became their worst nightmare all over again.

Fans are waiting patiently today for an email to come through with their special codes. But will it come on time, or will it come with an excuse that lets everyone down? That’s the question.

Fans will sit patiently all day for their Ticketmaster email and hope for the best. Will they get to see her, or will they spend the rest of the summer crying because a monopoly on the concert ticket game can’t perform as promised?

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It’s a very real possibility that some fans will absolutely lose their minds. Swifties have been known to lose their shit over less. Take away their tickets and watch what happens when the whole army comes down on the company screwing up everyone’s summer.


It’s a boiling matter. The watched pot never boils, so fans are trying to act like they’re not being impatient as they wait patiently for the cherished email of code. It’s a boiling matter for a different reason as well, though. It’s just like something that is simmering all day, and then it becomes a boiling issue as it gets dangerously close or even passes that deadline, and no email has come yet.

Lives will be in danger, literally.

Every email notification coming through must be driving them nuts. Seriously though, just look at the clock. It’s not 7 pm yet, and it won’t be for a few more hours. Just find something to do with your time. Go shopping. Take a walk. Chew some gum. Get out of your head. It won’t get here any faster.

Just remember, Taylor Swift is not your problem. Ticketmaster is the problem, and they have to fix the issues. It’s all on them to get it right.

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