Allie Kubek Had All Eyes On Her Except

Her story might be over for this year. But for Women’s Maryland Terrapins basketball player Allie Kubek, it’s just getting started and last night’s performance put her on the map.

Imagine showing up to NCAA Women’s March Madness against Iowa State and you’re not on the Scouting Report. But in the first half, you bang 5 3-pointers and have the commentators scratching their heads wondering who you are and where you came from. That’s what Allie Kubek did, but her achievement is going unnoticed because, at the end of the day, Maryland lost to Iowa State and Audi Crooks stole the show.

That’s a bit of bad luck for Allie who should be enjoying some great press today as well as looking forward to another game in the bracket. But sadly, her lightning was stolen by the loss and it’s a shame how a big story like this can be buried all because of an unfortunate turn of events.

Who Is Allie Kubek?

Allie Kubek

Sitting down with UMTerps in an interview at the beginning of the season, Kubek didn’t look like she does on the court. She’s fierce with seriousness as she dribbles past her opponents or pulls up to hit one from downtown. But she decided to look nice for the camera during her interview and she had some interesting things to say.

When asked about her most memorable moment playing basketball for the Maryland Terrapins, she didn’t even put the attention on herself, “My most memorable moments would be the buzzer beater Diamond or Shy had against Notre Dame and Purdue or making it to the Elite 8.”

She says her nicknames are “Allie Cat,” “Gator,” or “Big Cat” by her teammates. Her mother calls her Buggy but an interesting nickname came up that another one of hers is Mike. Her middle name is Michael and that’s how that happened. So, we’re fellow Michaels.

The 6′ 2″ Redshirt Junior from Elkton, Maryland plays Forward for the University of Maryland Women’s basketball team. She’s scored in double figures in 12 games. She’s made 109 shots and a total of 20 3-pointers. Last night, she made 7 3-pointers overall, a game Maryland seemed to have in the bag. More importantly, she should have been on the Scouting Report letting everyone know who she is. How they missed her is anyone’s guess but someone dropped the ball.

How The Game Went

Allie wasn’t the only Maryland Terp hitting from downtown at the beginning of the game. The whole team was on fire and it looked like 3-point city by the time the first half was over. The ladies went back to the locker room with a nice 52-36 lead and if they had kept that rhythm for the rest of the game, the story would have turned out a whole lot different. They would have been moving forward looking at their next victim to devour.

But that simply wasn’t going to be the case. Audi Crooks had been steadily playing all game and stepped up in the 3rd quarter to lead the team the rest of the way. The Cyclones came back to score 30 points to Maryland’s 14 in the 3rd and kept outscoring the Terps to the final buzzer. It was a great show that Iowa State put on last night and they’ll go on to meet Stanford in the next round.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about Allie’s achievement, which was a phenomenal display of skill. Let’s just put it this way, Caitlyn Clark from Iowa averages about 5 3-pointers per game. Allie did that in the first half. Just saying.

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