Francis Scott Key Bridge Conspiracy Theories Are Crazy

Baltimore, Maryland’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early in the morning on Tuesday when the Singapore cargo ship known as Dali crashed into a support pillar. Of course, it’s a wild incident that no one expected and was totally random with everything else that was going on. But it has drawn out some of the wildest conspiracy theories that have no business being connected to the incident.

The conspiracy theorists are getting so used to everything being a conspiracy that they look at every incident from every angle they can find. The first go-to for many of them is what is the cover-up. If a bridge is falling in Baltimore, what are we being distracted from that is going on somewhere else around the world? It’s happened so much over the years that it seems everything is a cover-up for everything else.

I think it’s totally possible for a ship to hit a bridge and make it collapse without it being connected to something bigger. I believe that’s what happened and that’s all that happened. But conspiracy theories are spawning conspiracy theories and it’s getting out of hand. The first of which is the idea that it’s to distract us from what’s going on with Diddy’s sex trafficking investigation.

So, the bridge that was opened in 1977 and named after the author of the “National Anthem” was sacrificed as part of a plot to take our attention away from the Diddy raids? If that’s true, was it the government that caused the destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, or was it some interns Diddy hired to do these kinds of things for him in case he got in trouble?

Then again, there’s this twist. Diddy is the distraction as this TikToker claims and somehow connects it to Angela Chao, Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law who actually drowned in her car after driving into a pond in February. This one is quite a stretch for me!

Then this picture started to circle the internet. This is supposed to be the captain of the Dali and take note of his citizenship. The truth is that this man did captain the Dali in 2016 for a few months, but not the other day. In fact, AP News dug deep and found that the two pilots of the ship were from India.

Francis Scott Key Bridge

But that won’t stop the conspiracy theorist from pushing the misinformation. They will post it anyway without doing any research and making sure they have their facts straight.

To continue with this conversation about fake news, some media personalities don’t have a problem spreading even further false information. The motivation for this could be an attempt to be the first to drop the story but the lack of care to get it right is what’s annoying. I’m glad this one was called out and she was forced to correct herself while she was still on air.

The conspiracy that seems to have been embraced the most by theorists is that it was part of an attack. They look at the footage like they’re investigators. They draw conclusions without having all the evidence in front of them. Any detective knows it takes combing through all the evidence and making connections that make sense. But that doesn’t stop these guys from jumping to conclusions.

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When media personalities go on television and repeat the conspiracies to viewers, it compounds the problem. These theories with no basis of fact have the potential to reach more viewers and influence them into thinking the sky is falling. No, the sky isn’t falling. A bridge fell because it was hit by a boat. That is all.

Of course, if we are getting attacked, what would be the motive? There has to be a reason for an attack and what would a bridge mean to the world? How could it possibly impact the U.S.? Here’s a reason being passed around the internet by theorists.

As a writer, conspiracy theories can be fun to imagine. Making connections that you wouldn’t normally think were there is a fun occupation for the brain. And I will never fully discount conspiracy theories altogether. They’ve been planned before and carried out. There is no denying that.

But not everything is a conspiracy. There are times when honest accidents happen. I’m leaning more that way when it comes to the Francis Scott Key Bridge than that it was part of some nefarious scheme to cover up something else.

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