Kate Middleton Has Spoken And The Shutting Up Has Begun

Some people had way too much time on their hands over the past couple of months to dissect a photo of Kate Middleton to determine it was photoshopped. What was it all about? The world has finally found out.

On January 16, Kate Middleton went for abdominal surgery but the Royal Family didn’t let anyone know until the next day. Because when you’re in the Royal Family, you have to let people know about everything, even your medical activities which everyone else in the world has permission to keep to themselves.

Not if you’re a royal. Forget it. If you want to sign up to become part of the Royal Family, you are going to have to leave your privacy behind, which Kate Middleton had to find out the hard way. By getting married to the next in line to be king, and then every day of her life since.

On Mother’s Day, she posted a photo of her with her kids and the world went mad. The conspiracy theories began when it was determined that the picture was photoshopped. Why would it be photoshopped? Is it possible that the Princess of Wales is missing?

This has been going on for months with lies upon lies and theories upon theories. Rumors begat rumors that begat more rumors and there is no antidote for whatever poison everyone was on. So, the gracious Queen-To-Be has finally stepped forward to explain to everyone what it was really all about. It appears she was diagnosed with cancer and this is about the time that everyone in the whole world feels like one huge arse.

It’s really not a good look to spread rumors and then reinforce the rumors only to have to eat crow at the end of the day when the truth finally comes out. People blamed Prince William for having an affair! Can you imagine how that made him feel when he was simply taking care of his family and he couldn’t come forward with the truth until he got the green light from the propaganda machine?

Now we have people backpedaling real quick. There really is no greater justice than watching the rumor mill collectively shut their big mouths. The air has actually become cooler, and it smells better now.

You get it, right? Because they blow a lot of hot air and they have bad breath? Nevermind. Moving forward.

All across social media, people are taking back what they said. And now, they’re taking a new path with condolences, good vibes, and prayers for the Lady who has set them all straight in her most gracious way.

I’m including RuPaul’s tweet because it’s funny. I think it’s the way she says it that has me rolling.

This should teach everyone a lesson and that is to try to wait until you know what’s going on before you say anything about it. We were taught that when we were kids. But some of us need to be reminded from time to time that, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Crow can get pretty nasty. If you have to eat it over and over, it just plain sucks. So, stop doing it.

But then again, if the Royal Family was willing to go through all that to hide something, do you think that the video could be fake? Is it really cancer or is she actually missing and they made this video to get everyone off their backs? The technology does exist and some of those AI videos are surprisingly dead on!

Don’t start down that road. We’re done with conspiracies, right? Right?

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