Golden Globes Tried Taylor Swift But Didn’t Work

The Golden Globes might have followed the NFL on Sunday night, but that didn’t mean Taylor Swift had to be the punchline of a joke. In fact, it was a very bad call for Jo Koy to include a joke about her in his monologue.

It was such a bad call that not one fan has spoken out in his favor. He is getting big-time bashed today, and rightfully so. Taylor Swift is a very hot topic, sure. Do Swifties like bad jokes about her? NO!!!

Of course, it’s customary for the host to do a funny monologue at the beginning of the Golden Globes. Who’s best to do that? A comedian, which Jo Koy normally is. He’s very funny. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

But the best chance of being funny and staying on everyone’s good side is not to make jokes at a guest’s expense. Making a nice joke about her, yes. Making a bad one, no. And this one was bad. By bad, I mean it flopped. You can tell by the crowd how awful it was.

Anyway, that’s Jo Koy’s problem. He’s going to have to work that one out. We’ll see if he’s ever invited to host a Golden Globes again.

He definitely didn’t win any fans last night. Imagine being Jo Koy on the biggest night of his life, reaching an audience that has exceeded any he’s ever been in front of before, and he totally sets the tone for the evening with his first joke.

Moving on! No need to keep kicking the man when he’s probably beating himself up. Here’s a cute moment from last night with Brie Larson and Jennifer Lopez. It always amazes me when celebrities are fans of each other, but you can definitely tell who the bigger fan is.

Jennifer Lawrence is a riot. I love everything she gets herself into. From every movie she’s made to every clip on YouTube, like the one with her and Christ Pratt insulting each other. But this one from last night is hilarious and we can all relate.

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