Wild Footage Of Boeing 737 MAX 9 Blow Out

Alaska Airlines ordered the grounding of an entire fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 9 after a panel blew out of the fuselage while in flight. There were passengers on board, and despite what the movies might have you think, no one was sucked out of the hole.

It was a wild scene. An entire panel, along with the window, is missing. Passengers are sitting around it, just chilling like nothing happened. There isn’t any screaming or total chaos. Just people looking out the hole where a panel and a window used to be.

The incident happened on Friday when the Boeing 737 MAX 9 heading from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, Canada, had to be routed back to Portland for an emergency landing. A passenger on board, Kyle Rinker, told CNN, “It was really abrupt. Just got to altitude, and the window/wall just popped off, and didn’t notice it until the oxygen masks came off.”

Imagine flying, and all of a sudden, the panel flies off at altitude. No one is sucked out. The plane doesn’t lose control. Debris isn’t flying all over the place. All the passengers are just sitting there looking at the ground below. They can see the night lights from buildings far off in the distance.

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But the wildest thing is how calm the scene is. The wind is gently blowing by the opening like the windows are down on a night city drive. And just as you would imagine, someone even has taken out their phone and has started recording the scene. That’s a good thing this time, though, because it’s so cool to watch.

I wonder where the fuselage landed. Hopefully, it didn’t land on someone’s head or crash through their dining room while they were eating. Wouldn’t that be wild to be on a nice evening jog in the park and all of a sudden, a piece of a plane lands right in front of you like the sky is falling?

The bad part is all the flights that were canceled and the people trying to travel. They still have to get to where they were to go. If one thing’s for sure, being stuck in an airport sucks. If it runs 24/7, it can be okay with a place to sit and have a drink at all hours. But if things shut down at night and night cleaners come through, that’s the worst.

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