Kate Upton Is Getting The Love From Astros Fans

Kate Upton is always a fan favorite no matter what she does. Even when her husband gets traded from the Mets back to the Astros, she’s the one who gets all the attention about it.

Fans are stoked to see Justin Verlander go back to the Astros. It’s not one of those LeBron James moments when fans got mad and burned their jerseys and then when he came back, some were still mad or possibly even madder. Probably because they had burned their jerseys.

No, it’s nothing like that. Astros fans are excited about the trade because they are getting their top model and famous actress back. Kate Upton is returning to Houston and they can’t wait to see her in their Astros gear again.

Astros fans have plenty of jokes to go with the trade. Verlander should be happy because his wife is keeping him relevant. It might be a stretch, but would they even know who he was if it wasn’t for her?

No one ever asked for an edit of Kate Upton but one fan thought to volunteer. For real? Who would cover up the model on the catwalk with child-like crayon strokes to make a joke?

Why would anyone edit a perfectly good photo of Kate? It’s borderline insanity and they need their head checked.

Imagine buying a house in New York and then getting the news that the Mets had traded your husband to Houston. Would you turn it into a rental or just keep it for travel purposes?

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Kate Upton will be starring in the upcoming production Sweet Dreams as Kat for her big return to film. It’s in post-production at the time and there is no release date just yet but know that it’s coming as soon as all this WGA and SAG-AFTRA business is over.

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