Gordon Ramsay Goes Berserk Over TikTok Recipes

Gordon Ramsay is infamous for yelling at the chefs on his shows and giving them the business. But this is a whole different story and it’s hilarious beyond stitches.

Personally, some of these so-called TikTok chefs might be trolling Gordon Ramsay. When you see some of the recipes they are pulling out of their cookbooks, who in their right mind would eat the stuff? Chocolate-covered SPAM? Pringles and milk?

Are these people serious? I’m not so sure that they are but that makes it even more hilarious because the famous chef is going crazy as these amateurs keep sending him videos for him to react to as he watches them put together some of the oddest combinations in food history.

This might be something for you to try. Think of the weirdest food combination you’ve ever heard of or ever tried yourself. Put it together on camera and send it to him to watch. See what he has to say about it. You know it’s going to be fun and you might not get the reaction that you think.

I once made the mistake of asking for mayonnaise on my meatball sub at a Subway. It’s stuck with me over the years and I ask for it on purpose now. Maybe that’s the kind of thing that would make him freak out or he might give me a thumbs up on that one.

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Living alone for years, I have come up with some crazy things in the kitchen. I might have to do a video of myself making a bacon bowl with mashed potatoes or the doughless pizza I once threw together because I had everything else but the dough.

I’m the kind of guy who will throw just about anything together and come up with a meal even if I don’t have everything I need. But that’s just me and that’s what some of these recipes are about.

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