Military Story About Girlfriend Adult Film Star

They were in love, the young Army soldier fresh in the military and the beautiful girlfriend who sent him off, back to training. Then, she headed straight for her photo shoot, in a hotel room, with Jody, to do an adult film.

If you’ve ever been in the military, you know who Jody is. Drill Instructors beat his name in our heads because he’s the one who saddles up to our girlfriends while we’re away at training and can’t do anything about it.

Ain’t no use in going back,
Jody’s got your cadillac.
Ain’t no use in calling home,
Jody’s got your girl and gone.
Ain’t no use in feeling blue,
Jody’s got your sister too.

That’s Jody. When I envisioned Jody in Bootcamp, he was a preppy fellow who wore too much cologne, not a hair out of place. Carried a comb with him and looked in the mirror all the time. And he had no code. No brother code. He would take your girl as fast as you left the room.

But this photo shoot was more than just a photographer with a camera. Nope. This is the true story that’s been flying around the internet because someone with a quick eye noticed that she was wearing the same clothes when she said goodbye to her boyfriend, and when she appears in a video later that day in her adult film.

Now, that beats all the stories about Jody that I’ve ever heard. He’s not a good guy. He gets your girl and dumps her like a one night stand. Or he might accept a “friends with benefits” arrangement but he’s busy with all the other girls in his life.

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What makes this the story to beat is that this girl did something that will never be forgotten. It will be viewed by millions and shared across the internet. The poor boyfriend will get picked on forever and he’ll have it shoved down his throat on a daily, something she may not have thought about. And if she did, she obviously didn’t care.

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