Sheep Getting High In Greece Meandering Into Wrong Greenhouse

“Sheep Getting High” could be the song of the year. Move over, Oliver Anthony! A new anthem just might be coming through.

It could go a little something like this, sheep getting high in Greece when their food ran scarce and they had to go looking east.

Hey, I never said I was a songwriter. But that could be pretty snappy. The thing is, it’s a true story. The sheep did get high because they stumbled upon a stash when they were grazing for food.

As Sky News reports, Storm Daniel was the final blow to the devastation in Greece that first began with a heatwave. Then, wildfires hit just before Storm Daniel blew through. That’s what brought the floods. When the sheep had nothing left in the fields they normally graze, they had to go looking elsewhere.

They found themselves sniffing out the interesting smell inside a greenhouse and when they saw all those beautiful green plants, they went to town. They ate until their stomachs were full, and then something hit them. The farmer who was growing the stash for medicinal purposes reports that the sheep were jumping like goats.

Now, he had never seen sheep jump like goats, so he knew something was up. That’s when he realized all his hard work was gone. Could you imagine? Losing all that money after having your crops flooded and your sheep roaming around clueless, looking for food?

It’s like devastation can sometimes compound itself. It’s like a domino effect. One thing right after another and the situation just keeps getting worse.

Imagine how the sheep felt. They went looking for food, and look what they found. Something that gave them the munchies. Now, they have to go looking for more food.

But how are they doing to be able to find it? They’re high as a kite. They won’t even be able to find their own feet.

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