Odd Pregnancy: Lady Gives Birth In The Ocean

Her name is Josy Peukert and she wanted to do something unique with her pregnancy. That is to say the least, because what she did is nothing short of amazing.

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I think amazing is an appropriate term for this because having a baby is difficult enough with an entire staff around. Imagine having a baby in the ocean with only your husband to help, and he’s just recording the magical experience.

Josy does not appear to be in much pain as she cradles her baby with a smile on her face. But the video doesn’t show the full birth and all the screaming that might have gone along with it. It only shows the beauty of a mother and her child after a lengthy pregnancy.

I witnessed my daughter being born in a hospital. That was rough enough. I could tell my wife was in pain and struggling, and I did everything I could to assist her in any way. That came in the form of running to the soda machine for a Sprite and then going back because she wanted 7UP. I held her hand and wiped her forehead with a cool towel. I said stuff to encourage her, but she gave me a look that I didn’t have a clue so I knew that wasn’t helping much.

Since then, I’ve seen births in bathtubs and a pool once that was placed in the living room. A friend of mine had a friend and a nurse to help her while someone else recorded the event. So, I have seen some different things, and I’ve heard of babies being born in cars, on buses, on the street, and in a McDonald’s bathroom.

Bodhi Amor Ocean Cornelius was born in the Pacific Ocean and yes, that’s what they have appropriately named him. He’ll be able to brag about that for the rest of his life, and it would be interesting to see if the ocean has anything to do with the path he takes. Will he become a surfer or a swimmer? Will he become a sailor or a world-class fisherman?

Whatever he becomes, it’s going to be amazing because his life has already started off that way. The video says it’s sensitive content, but it’s not. Trust me. She’s in the water holding her child. Don’t be afraid to watch.

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