Wally Gator Denied Access To Phillies Game – The Emotional Support Animal Of Alligators

Wally Gator is an alligator on a leash and it’s a shame that this little beast wasn’t allowed into a Phillies game recently. Can you imagine him being turned down at the gate?

Sounds about right when it’s put that way. But the thing is that Wally Gator is an emotional support alligator and he does this for a living. Joie Henney is Wally Gator’s owner and they have a habit of taking walks together throughout Philadelphia or wherever else people need emotional support. It’s a strange way to do it, but these days call for strange solutions to solve our strange problems.

The truth of it is Wally Gator was invited to the game by the team. That part must not have been known by the staff who was met with an alligator on a leash. That would have been nice for them to know, that an alligator was going to show up to give the team support. Any gatekeeper would have denied Wally Gator access. In fact, most might have run and abandoned the gate altogether.


Wally loved spending the day in Love Park, Philadelphia !!#WallyGatorESA

♬ Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

If a child can walk the little guy around Love Park in Philadelphia with no worries, then Wally Gator must be trustworthy. But you know what they say about those types of animals? It’s like a lion, tiger, and even the nice elephant. You never know when something’s going to make them snap. It could be something as easy as the fact that it’s dinner time.

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But to dive deeper into the story, Joie Henney says that they only go where they are invited. He didn’t just show up to the game and say, here I am. Where’s the concession stand? That’s a good thing. Can you imagine?

What if some deranged lunatic somehow befriended an alligator and then took him to a movie or brought him into town to walk around? That would warrant being a little on the defensive side. In fact, I can see people running away screaming as they drop their iced coffees and bagels.

But Joie Henney seems to have all his faculties together and Wall Gator is certainly a treasure in Philadelphia. Maybe next time, they’ll let him in the game.

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