Taylor Swift Sends Fans Back To Dreaded Ticketmaster Trenches

Taylor Swift has announced that she has extended her Eras Tour and there are new dates to buy tickets. That is good news but some fans are starting to feel the stress from Ticketmaster flashbacks.

Since Taylor Swift has been on tour, it’s been all good. Can you imagine that each stop along the way is a different performance with a focus on the “eras” throughout her career? She has a set list that includes 44 songs from ten different albums. It’s a huge deal and her fans are going nuts over the experience. It’s a great show to see…if you can get tickets.

So, there are extended tour dates and fans should be able to catch her show. That is in theory.

The problem is that the nightmares with Ticketmaster are real. Of course, a rush to buy tickets by every Taylor Swift fan on earth can cause any website to go down. And that’s just where the problems begin but the site did get flushed and it was more than the little ticket seller could handle.

With all those fans complaining about Ticketmaster across the internet in every Instaspace and Tweetbook they had, the Senate Judicial Committee had to make it a Federal case. The thing is that there was a legitimate case because, with Ticketmaster at the helm, there was no competition. America has this law against monopolies and sometimes, they go unnoticed until there is a huge problem and when Swifties can’t get tickets, that is in fact a huge problem.

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There is nothing wrong with a company growing and beating out the competition. The problems begin when that power is used to dictate prices and rules so that no competition has a chance of coming up in the business. The market doesn’t work when there are no companies competing against each other to drive quality and balance costs.

So, Business 101 aside, Taylor Swift fans will have the chance to watch a few more shows. Hopefully, tickets will be easier to get this time around and the Swifties will be kept happy or who knows what chaos will ensue.

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