Real Estate Agent Helps Himself To Client’s Fridge

We all know that the real estate agent has access to your home when they’re trying to sell it. But do they have the right to reach into your refrigerator and help themselves to your milk?

That’s what one real estate agent did and he found out the hard way that it’s not right at all to just help himself simply because he had been granted access. When a camera caught the agent walking into the kitchen, opening the door, and grabbing the milk, he was slapped with a $15,000 fine. That’s a huge price to pay for a swig of milk.

The thing that gets me about this story is after watching the video, he put the container of milk to his mouth and took a drink. That’s the kind of thing that has the ability to freak me out. It’s like all the stories I hear of disgruntled chefs spitting in the food they’re serving. I think about that every time I order a cheeseburger.

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I don’t care if I have a problem with it, I’m not sending it back. I’m already wondering what kind of day the cook has had and whether or not they’re in a good mood. I’m not going to add to it by sending myself to the top of their shitlist.

Now, I have to worry about the milk in my refrigerator and if I’m going to get cooties from some stranger I don’t really know? What I get from this story is that cameras are a good thing. But it seems you have to have them everywhere these days. They have to be pointed toward your refrigerator, closet, bathroom, under the bed, and everywhere else.

Is there such a thing as a motion-detecting camera that catches movement and follows it everywhere? If not, I want someone to invent it. Please, and thank you.

P.S. Make mine a small undetectable drone that has the ability to fly and follow visitors who come into my home while I’m not there. That would be great!

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