Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Seem To No Longer Be Rumors

How has Taylor Swift even had the time to date anyone while flying around the world on her Eras Tour? Travis Kelce seems to have found a way through her work schedule, her Swifties, and her security to find a path to her heart.

But those were just rumors at first. They actually still are rumors, but we have the inside scoop who just might know what he’s talking about. He’s so close to the matter that he has more credibility than all the paparazzi whisperers out there. It’s Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce.

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They played a phenomenal Super Bowl against each other in February. It was one of those anomalies that Travis Kelce and his brother Jason would play against each other in the biggest game the NFL has to offer, the final one for all the marbles. Of course, Kansas City won, which gave Travis his second Super Bowl ring and that makes him a very blessed man. He deserved a few months off to heal, energize, refresh, whatever pro football players do in that time.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is a whole different story. She’s been kind of busy for the past couple of months. She’s been going from city to city, knocking her fans’ socks off because she brings something special to every show and the reviews are raves, with some fans brought to tears. They take their phones and catch videos and then cry all over Twitter about how awesome she is.

So, let me ask you this. When did they find the time to even meet? Let alone start dating? I found it hard to believe only from the angle that there just wasn’t any time.

But that’s not what Jason Kelce has to say. He’s verifying that the rumors are indeed true, and what motivation would he have to lie to us?

Not that we would need any further confirmation after that but when Taylor Swift attended his game on Sunday when the Bears came to Arrowhead Stadium and she sat next to Momma Kelce up in the box, that’s a pretty good sign. It’s a lucky thing she planned this break in touring so she could date or she’d be one tired musician flying to the game and flying back to put on a show.

Travis Kelce
via KC Star/Nick Wagner

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