Warning: Intense Video Shows Shocking Head Injury

This is not clickbait. I repeat, this is not clickbait. What you are about to see is a head injury that is completely shocking and it should serve as a warning.

Of course, I’m all into having fun. I am not trying to be a downer on people having fun. But most of the time when someone says, “hold my beer,” I immediately think of all the ways it can go wrong.

I truly think that I have saved lives when I stopped someone from what they were getting ready to do. It normally went like this, “Hey, hey, hey, stop! Think about it. Are you sure you want to do that?”

It might have taken some explaining of how lighting a fart on fire with a blow torch might not be the best idea. I might have had to go into further detail about how jumping off a roof with a trash bag as a parachute was not going to work. But, when I could see their wheels turning and they took their beer back, I knew I had won a small battle that night that just might have saved their lives.

In this video, a man is getting ready to dive into water. He wasn’t high above the water and there were people swimming around just fine. What could possibly go wrong?

He has his hands behind his back and he jumps in head first. The first thing I thought of was, I hope he doesn’t hit his head. But I wasn’t ready for what happened next. This head injury is so wild, it made me cringe and I’m the kind of guy who has a guilty pleasure of watching videos that involve a certain amount of risk. Think Ridiculousness and that’s what I’m talking about.

When I’m scrolling through my social media and there is a “Warning: Might Contain Sensitive Material,” I click. I can’t stop myself.


(Don’t say you weren’t warned)


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