Rare Photos Of Sexy Celebrities Exposed

The internet devours sexy photos and videos like it has nothing better to do. It is the biggest market on the internet, a dollar sign that is hard to calculate because the sex industry includes so much that the digital files portion of it merely scratches the surface.

With the surefire moneymaker that sex videos and photos can provide, imagine how much money leaked images can bring. Of course, some celebrities appear to have leaked their own files as part of a trend to get attention. It has worked very well in the past and it doesn’t appear the strategy will ever fail because scandal after scandal provides the beast with a sexy feast every time.

This time is no different and these photos don’t disappoint. In fact, the Celebrity Gallery is full of digital files that include sexy videos of very intimate moments that would make the average person blush if it was their personal videos that had been leaked. But when it comes to getting famous and the drive that some people have to get there, some celebrities have chosen to sleep their way to the top while others have leaked videos to get the same results.

The thing is that sometimes, leaked files are genuine breaches and the celebrities are actual victims.

Not All Sexy Leaks Were On Purpose


In 2014, several celebrities were victims of an iCloud data breach. There were so many angles that the news and the amateur social media sleuths took on it, that it’s not worth covering here. Jennifer Lawrence was one of those victims.

She has such a good heart and nature that she appears to have brushed it all off and moved forward. Of course, it’s hard to tell what goes on behind closed doors. Is she still hurt by it or has she really brushed it off?

She doesn’t seem to have much hesitation when it comes to nudity. There is a very sexy scene in Red Sparrow where she’s training as an agent and she has to get naked in front of all the other students in the room. Of course, there is more to the scene than that but there are no spoilers here.

Then, there’s the nude scene in No Hard Feelings. It’s not a sex scene though. It’s a hilarious scene where she comes out of the water to beat some kids senseless who are trying to steal her clothes. She had been skinny dipping with a guy she was hired to seduce, so she’s completely naked and she goes there. She fights for real with a body slam here and a headlock there for one of the funniest scenes in cinematic history.

Kate Upton Was A Victim Too


Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t the only victim. There were several celebrities including Kate Upton. She poses sexy here with her husband but the photos and videos that were downloaded from the iCloud were much more intimate than this.

Two people are smiling and enjoying themselves in the privacy of their own home and the next thing they know, it’s everyone’s business. It’s an industry that brings in big money and that’s why there will always be a need for heightened security, especially when it comes to storing files on the internet. Consider them paparazzi or scammers but unscrupulous people will always exist who don’t have a problem violating anyone’s privacy if it means a big paycheck on the other end.

If you’ve come to see the new leaked batch of hot celebrity photos and videos, the intimate and steamy stuff they tried to keep private, you can enjoy them here:

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