Emily Blunt And Dwayne Johnson In Epic Roast Battle

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson make a great team on film as evidenced by the performance of their 2021 Jungle Cruise production. The fact that they are making a second one that is in development right now speaks a lot for how much fans love when the two of them come together.

In fact, they should have been cast together in so many more movies by now. Think about it. The Rock could have been in Sicario. He could have played anyone in that movie. He could have easily been cast in Looper. There was definitely a part for him in there somewhere alongside Emily Blunt. And of course, not to mention, The Devil Wears Prada. What part wouldn’t he have been great in?

The same with her. She could have had a part in Walking Tall. There’s no reason why she couldn’t have been a high school friend of his or someone he just met along the way who was willing to be his ride-or-die. She’s perfect for Get Smart. She has comedy and FBI training, which means she could handle being in a spy movie about made-up agencies. Not only that but he was in Race to Witch Mountain and she was in Wild Mountain Thyme. So, I rest my case. They’ve been circling around each other for years and they should have been teamed up more times than they have.

I just don’t know if they like each other enough. They really don’t have too many good things to say about each other. You should hear the nicknames they’ve been given. If that isn’t bad enough, they have stories that are humiliating. Everyone knows when you tell a humiliating story about someone else, it’s because you really don’t like them. That’s the reason.

It’s just the opposite. Of course, they love each other. It’s easy to tell. When you roast someone, it’s because you really do like them. And there is some epic roasting going on here to prove it.

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