Adam Johnson NHL Death Ruled Manslaughter

Adam Johnson fell to his death doing what he loved. During the hockey game between the Nottingham Panthers and the Sheffield Steelers on October 28, he took a skate to the neck and was pronounced dead later that night at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital.

It’s been over a few weeks since the incident, and the police have finally made a move on the case. Matt Petgrave was arrested Tuesday under “suspicion” of manslaughter. It’s odd how all the news sources are cautious to say the word “suspicion.” In the video, which you will see shortly, I won’t make you Google it and go hunting for it, Petgrave skates toward Adam Johnson and lifts his foot considerably high in the air.

Learning more about Petgrave’s history, fans are saying he’s been engaging in this kind of behavior throughout his career. One fan even said that it was time his actions caught up to him. Of course, he was sympathetic to Adam Johnson and his family for their loss.

I know the process. The prosecuting attorney has to dig deep and look at all the angles because Petgrave is definitely going to use his money to hire a lawyer to play Smoke and Mirrors to give the jury the “Shadow of a Doubt.” So, the news sources are all saying “suspicion” because lawsuits come out of saying things like, “Oh, he’s guilty as sin. There’s no two ways about that.”

So, we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out in court. Of course, Petgrave isn’t being charged with murder because that would take having a premeditated intention. The intent to kill could easily be proven by the video. But premeditation can not.

The trick is that manslaughter is the act of killing someone without any intent. When you watch the video, draw your own conclusions. But when Petgrave lifts his leg, it looks like a kick to the neck and with skates on his feet, what else did he expect it to do?

Witnesses say that Petgrave was distraught after he saw what he had done. That in itself could prove that he had no intentions. But that’s up to his lawyer.

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