Chris Collinsworth Crazy Thanksgiving Day Football Highlights

It is no secret that Chris Collinsworth has a lot of haters out there for whatever reason. But he does add something to every game, and this year’s Thanksgiving Day was no different.

Why do people hate Chris Collinsworth? Some fans think he’s biased and he’ll pick a player out, normally the QB, to just give the guy props all game. You might be thinking, so what? It’s annoying fans who want more in-depth details on everyone during the whole game. That’s what a color commentator is supposed to do.

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He was a wide receiver for the Bengals for eight seasons from 1981 to 1988, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to football. He began his broadcasting career shortly after, and he’s been doing it ever since for HBO, NBC, FOX, and back to NBC, where he is the color commentator paired with the play-by-play commentary of Mike Tirico.

Did he do his job on Thanksgiving? I think he did. Let’s take a look at one amazing play by Seattle and what Collinsworth had to say just prior to that.

That’s crazy! There are fans who are saying he called the play into existence. Of course, it was obvious what Seattle had to do. They had a chance right in front of them to get a safety and turn the game around or really hold the 49ers for good field position. But what they did was far better.

This next clip is a bit different. Imagine a guy who’s not smart enough to read what he’s buying. Then, imagine a guy who is willing to go through with the purchase after he figures out what he did wrong.

That was Chris Collinsworth when he went to the fish market one day and picked out a couple of fish for dinner. My calculations say these fish came to well over 10 lbs. each. And that’s when he found out his mistake.

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