Spotlight On Claudia Alende, Brazil’s Megan Fox Doppelganger

Megan Fox has been enjoying the spotlight for years as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, not to mention one of the hottest. But along comes Claudia Alende from Brazil, and you have to take a double look to know whether you are seeing Megan or not.

Claudia Alende has indeed been awarded the nickname “The Megan Fox of Brazil.” It’s not just me who thinks they look a lot alike, but fans throughout the world see it too. Of course, as a fan of the Transformers star, I would never abandon my girl. She’s awesome, and everyone knows it. So, that isn’t going to happen.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t like two of them. I have enough room in my heart for both. I’ll move some other stuff to the side, like my love for whistling and pretzels. There, I have enough room now for both of these ladies who have stolen my heart.

Seriously, look at this Instagram post by Claudia and tell me if you don’t see Megan.

She has a goofy side, which I find absolutely adorable because she’s just like Megan in that way. I like it when a person doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They let themselves have fun whether the cameras are rolling or not.

There are too many celebrities who worry about their image in each shot. Some influencers take it way too far, especially when it takes hours for them to get one shot. That’s ridiculous. Having an angle and having to find it in every shot they take gets so old. It’s as if they don’t have any confidence in themselves that they looked good in the first shot they took.

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But Claudia can turn on the WOW in 0.15 seconds. There are models who are still working on their poses and their looks. Sometimes, it just comes naturally. She knows exactly who she is, and that comes across the camera with no hesitation.
It’s refreshing to see an influencer who has fun doing what she does. There are too many that take it all too seriously, and they don’t realize that hurts their bottom line. When you’re having fun, more people want to work with you, which brings up an interesting question. Why isn’t she in movies already?

A Megan Fox Blooper

This is actually Megan Fox from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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