Affordable Mansions In This Real Estate Market

Finding housing in this market can be difficult if you don’t have the required first month, last month, security deposit, and every detail of your life documented. Forget being at the bottom of the stack of applicants and get yourself into one of the mansions listed here.

These mansions can be yours for free if you move at the right time and take advantage of the situation. These huge masterpieces of real estate are all across the United States and are brought to you by the unfortunate circumstances of the wealthy. While we do mourn for our entitled fallen, we feel that these architectural gifts are a blessing that fell on our laps despite the unusual turn of events.

Mansions in Florida


It was a sight to behold back in the day when there were groundskeepers and maids to keep it up and running. The historic Howey Mansion in the Orlando area boasts no air conditioning and no heating, which isn’t really necessary in Florida mansions. It’s capable of accomplishing these things by having no electricity. It was built by William Howey in 1925 and he lived there until he died of a heart attack.

His wife continued living there by herself and all of her help until she passed away in 1981. Since then, it has gone through several hands simply because of the fact that it’s pink. Squatters’ rights dictate that anyone living in this space for a significant amount of time has to be evicted and not merely thrown out. If a squatter can maintain residency for seven straight years, they own it. But you have to move on it fast because Florida’s governor is working fast to change these laws because property owners seem to think that they have a right to have rights too.

Mansions in Virginia


This beauty sits off I-95 as you’re traveling through Fredericksburg, Virginia. It has a particular kind of charm that has grown on it since the driveway has all but disappeared under the weeds. For a few hundred dollars, a couple of buckets of paint and a broom will get you started on turning this gem into your future home.

It comes complete with extra wood that was used to board up the windows and you’ll even have company. You might be able to talk to the ghosts into helping you with your restoration. They have been known to throw things and that might come in handy if you can get them to throw things out. No one is knocking down any doors to get into this comfortable home so the first one to it wins.

The Beauty of Upstate New York


With a sign that greets you on the way in that reads “Running Water and a Working Toilet,” this beauty is as solid as an abandoned mansion gets. The wealthy family who once lived here dwindled down to the mother and father who watched as their kids left one by one to have a life of their own far, far away. When their mother passed away, their father soon followed out of loneliness and no one knew how to reach out to the kids or even who they were.

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It has been sitting empty for 27 years and not many people even know it’s there. Just off Route 4 on the way to Glens Falls, all this expansive real estate wonder needs is some love and care and a brave soul to chase off the raccoons. You might want to bring your own furniture and wear a HAZMAT suit for the first month or two. Other than that, enjoy living the way the wealthy live on a shoestring budget.

Backwoods Tennessee

Real Estate

Put the column back in place and this nice piece of real estate can provide you with luxury and privacy for years to come. Practically move-in ready, it comes with a side home that can be easily fixed up within a week that will provide your housing needs until the main mansion is up and running. With plenty of land to grow whatever you want, you can easily become part of the local trade network if you don’t mind a bullet being shot at you every once in a while.

Imagine having a pool in the front yard for some summer fun on hot days. If you put a sign up that warns bears are not allowed, legally they’re not supposed to come on your property. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. For the times it doesn’t, it’s always good to have a few jars of moonshine. A couple swigs of that and you’ll forget all about your missing leg.

And Finally in Georgia

Real Estate

This nice piece of real estate shows you what life was like back in the day when it was alive and breathing. If you have an active imagination, you can see kids playing in the yard, a bus pulling up in front of the gate, and a teenager who hung herself right there on the front porch. She swung for hours until her parents finally came back home from day drinking to find her there.

Rather than sell the property, the family simply packed up and left. They went to Los Angeles and started a charity for three-legged dogs. When they finally sent the youngest off to college, they started swinging in honor of their late daughter and that’s the last anyone ever heard of them. It is believed that the young lady roams throughout the home searching day and night for the family who abandoned her. But other than that, it would make a nice place for someone to live if they cared enough to fix it up.

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