Chris Evans As Johnny Storm But Also Captain America

Chris Evans is getting a lot of love these days for his performance as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four. The tributes are flying all across the interwebs but not one mention of it having the potential to cause issues since he’s also Captain America.

This conversation was most likely already had when he starred in Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011. Marvel fans were probably all over it and I’m just playing catchup because I’m not really that big of a comic book fan, no disrespect to those of you who are. Having said that, I just recently realized that Captain America and Fantastic Four are both in the Marvel Universe and my mind literally split in the middle, sending an ooze of melted brain out of my ears.

I may be wrong but from what I see, Marvel likes to cast a celebrity in a role and keep them there for as many movies as they can. Chris Evans personally has starred as Captain America in over ten movies. That’s why he’s worth the big bucks. But this came after starring as Johnny Storm in two.

He starred in Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007, and four years later he was starring as Steve Rogers in his first role of The Avengers franchise, with all those stories weaving in and out of each other. Of course, at the end of Avengers: End Game in 2019, Captain America returns as an old man after his mission to restore the stones. He decided to take his life a different route and stay with the love of his life. The moment he was sent back in time slowly approaches for him and there, he passes his shield to Falcon.

That could explain how Chris Evans could return to his role as Johnny Storm, but the multiple universes being created in Marvel can also place him back in the rotation as Captain America. Did Marvel Studios think that through, or did they simply think fans wouldn’t notice Chris Evans playing two different superheroes in their lineup? Maybe they’ll bump into each other.

Do diehard MCU fans really care?

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Here’s a bit of trivia for you about Chris Evans: he’s actually played quite a few characters based on comic books.

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