Billie Eilish Kicks Off Lollapalooza Thursday Night

Lollapalooza kicked off yesterday with a tremendous lineup of acts that hosted over 100,000 screaming and dancing fans. If they were there last night, it was to see Billie Eilish, but she was by far not the only draw because the festival promised big acts all day long.

Of course, Billie Eilish was the huge attraction along with Karol G, the Columbian singer who adds a little bit of Reggae flavor to her Latin Hip Hop. With music blasting from 1 pm, acts like Diplo, NewJeans, Noah Kahan, and Carly Rae Jepsen warmed up the crowd for what was about to happen after the sun went down.

When Eilish took the stage, the world had to have shaken because with that many screaming and jumping fans, they had to at least budge it a little. However, her fans didn’t only include the attendees in the audience as she also got swamped by some of the acts that were going on stage before her.

NewJeans is an up-and-coming girl group that has been performing together for about a year now. They couldn’t wait to meet their favorite and take pictures for their social media. They were so excited they even took pictures with Billie’s brother.

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The South Korean singers are so new some fans at Lollapalooza didn’t even know who they were. But they’re about to blow up now because they are such a vibe.

Billie Eilish brought her own vibe, though. She played a set that included “TV” and “Your Power,” each one a hit with millions of streams. Both guitar songs that allow her to strum beautiful notes and lift her voice above the audience, where it lingers softly with such powerful words.

Lollapalooza will continue today and into the weekend with Kendrick Lamar and The 1975 tonight, Odesza and Tomorrow X Together on Saturday night, and then the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lana Del Rey on Sunday night. It will wrap on Sunday night whenever Anthony Kiedis and crew decide they’re finished for the evening.

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