Diddy Is Hiding In His Bunker Where He Continues To Freak Off

Freak off has become the internet’s favorite term and it’s all in light of the course of events that started to unravel a few days ago. Federal agents from what appears to be several different agencies including Homeland Security and the FBI were there to raid Diddy’s mansions in both L.A. and Miami but they didn’t find him in either location.

It’s as if Diddy knew what was coming. When you’re a billionaire, you don’t just have friends in high places. You can have people on your payroll who are supposed to keep you out of trouble even if you are running from some pretty serious allegations like sex trafficking, rape, gun running, drug smuggling, and pedophilia. Diddy seems to have dabbled in all of it and that’s probably why he wasn’t home.

Fearing the Jeffrey Epstein Syndrome, he sent his jet to the Caribbean while he was heading in the other direction. Getting arrested would most likely have worked out the same way for the man with a strange black book and intimate knowledge of where all the bodies are buried. It’s more than just a rumor that there are tunnels underneath his mansions that lead out of the bat cave to the end of the sewage line where he can catch an Uber and be in Spain by the end of the day.

So, where is he? Where did he go? He wasn’t about to suffer a fate like R. Kelly. But even though that deranged pervert believed he could fly, he didn’t quite have it like Diddy who wasn’t about to see his hands in handcuffs like the sex slaves he thought it was so fun to imprison.

It has been reported that billionaires have been building bunkers to live lavishly underground while the rest of the world goes through the turmoil they created. Of course, it was originally thought that the bunkers were being built to save them from a zombie apocalypse, a nuclear attack, civil unrest that escalated to all-out war, or the spread of another plague. But Diddy’s disappearance gives us a hint that these luxurious underground homes built so close to hell might also be to flee from the consequences.

The Bandwagon Tush Push

When it comes to Diddy, he loves to freak off. But what in the world does that mean to him? One person’s sex is another person’s nightmare and that seems to be what he was putting up-and-coming music artists through.

This strange black book just keeps going on and on as it reads like a who’s who of celebrities who were put through Diddy sex camp and just wanted to move on with their lives and their fame. If they had a chance, Diddy had the say but it came down to whether or not they would let him diddle with their diddlers. He could make or break them and some submitted hesitantly while others were all for it.

Can you imagine being a recording artist with a few gigs lined up and getting invited to a music mogul’s home for a party? When they got there, they were treated to a world of extravagant foods and colorful drinks while rubbing elbows with celebrities they had idolized for years. Then, they were invited into the backroom where they were told to give it up in exchange for wealth and fame. Sometimes made to do humiliating things, they sold their souls for the life but they would never live it down. It would follow them and Diddy could keep controlling them like puppets.

That’s why so many celebrities are coming out now about their experiences. The giant has fallen and it gives them great pleasure to see him finally get what he deserves. They can pile on with their stories and the few fans Diddy has left are learning all his dirty little secrets, the kind of stuff billionaires think they can get away with because of how special they are.

Freak Off Revenge

freak off
via Instagram/daphnejoy

When 50 Cent started attacking Diddy so hard, the motivation wasn’t quite clear. It just came across like 50 was trying to tell us something and fans weren’t quite ready to hear it. Katt Williams started talking the same language but his motivations were questioned because he seemed a little disgruntled while pointing his finger at a lot of people in the industry he felt had done him wrong. These things started to come to light as the comedian called it when he appeared on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe drinking Cognac and speaking his mind.

What was 50’s motivation? What really is going on behind closed doors has yet to come out but his ex Daphne Joy has been named in the lawsuit against Diddy as his sex worker! As in what in the who? How in the why? This shines a light on a little something.

Diddy didn’t understand this line in the sand when he recruited Daphne to participate in his Freak Off. Being a “sex worker” has some range. If it’s true, she could have been on his payroll to have sex with him when he ordered her. It could also mean that she was part of the team that recruited other Freak Off participants.

Of course, because of the custody battle, 50 Cent had to act like he didn’t know about what was going on between Diddy and Daphne. If he had, the question would linger that he should have removed his child from her custody much sooner. But reading into it further, this might be the core of his motivation to destroy Diddy everywhere he goes. Imagine being in a relationship with a child between them and behind 50’s back, Diddy was able to call her up for his own Joy.

The trick is that with Diddy and his entire web of partners networked throughout the music industry like the spreading of STDs, they like to pile conspiracy theories on top of conspiracy theories to muddy the water so that no one knows what could possibly be true. The irony is this strategy only shows the music industry fans that one of them is. One conspiracy must be true if it takes a pile of them to confuse the issue.

The truth will be known when Diddy finally climbs out of his hole. But he might have built a bunker with a timer, in which case he’ll be down there a long time. He’ll either resurface after everyone has forgotten about him or he might just die down there. How much of this is true is anyone’s guess so choose your fancy.

One thing’s for sure, if he is chilling in a lavish bunker that comes with all the amenities a billionaire can appreciate, then he has company down there. He’s getting his freak on in a freak off. He can’t keep it in his pants long enough to go without it.

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