Dua Lipa Shined On ‘Saturday Night Live’

When Dua Lipa stepped out on stage for Saturday Night Live, little did the audience know that she could do it all. Fans simply thought she was a singer but she was about to show sides of her she’s been developing since she was set free by her parents just over a decade ago. And that’s pretty much how she put it during her monologue.

A nice surprise was that her parents were there in the audience laughing with everyone else. That’s right! They were laughing because Dua Lipa is funny. Of course, she may not have written her lines. But she delivered them like a pro. It’s not easy to stand in front of an audience and get the words right unless you’re a natural.

Dua seemed like a natural whether she is one or not. She had great jokes that didn’t disappoint. She went flawlessly through them like she was talking to her friends in a living room. When the staff was supposed to help her during her monologue, they were the only ones lagging. And the joke about her parents had the unexpected twist that makes humor work.

Watch Dua Lipa

She nailed it. While one interesting critic had nothing good to say about Dua Lipa, I have plenty. Of course, I’m always trying to see the bright side of entertainment and this one isn’t hard to see.

She made doing skits look easy. She dropped her English accent and put on a New York one that made a believer out of me. When she broke, she quickly recovered, which is alright, by the way. SNL cast members do it all the time. They can hardly restrain themselves.

Watch Dua Lipa Break

Of course, she didn’t just act in skits. She came to sing as well. That is after all what she does.

With her unique voice, she performed “Happy For You,” a song that has a 70s Night Club vibe mixed in with contemporary sounds that make it so special. That’s my perspective anyway and I can pick up on a ’70s vibes. That era has a special place in my heart.

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But this isn’t about the 70s. It’s about Dua and I could listen to her forever. It’s not often that an artist has everything I want.

I might like one or two songs from an album. I might get into their projects for a little while. I might play their songs a few times over and over until they fade into the back of my mind as new songs take their place. But Dua hits me in the center every time and I don’t know how she knows me that well.

Happy For You

SNL has done a great job over the years of introducing talent to an audience that may have never heard of them. But that’s not the case with Dua Lipa. She was already a fan favorite walking on stage.

For some reason, it was a critic that sparked my interest in writing about Dua today. He had his take and it wasn’t very positive. Of course, some people think they need the drama and the negativity to get ratings. I just like to keep it real and Dua has been one of my favorites since I heard her on the “Cold Heart” single with Elton John.

She definitely doesn’t need me to come to her defense. She has more than enough headlines across the internet to speak for her great music and all the different roles she took on when she hosted SNL. I just wanted to get into the mix and try to be one of them among the many.


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