More To Luv Is Huge Hit Everyone Slept On In 2009

It’s hard to figure out if they’re genius or missed a few tips in marketing but Minnutes was definitely slept on back in the day. They had hits, especially “More To Luv” that was featured in one of my favorite shows.

Watching Castle reruns on Hulu and I get to Episode 10 of Season 1, “A Death in the Family” that first aired May 11, 2009. It was getting toward the end of the episode when Alexis is coming home from the prom and Castle is asleep in his chair waiting up for her. That’s when a vibe hits me and I couldn’t explain it at first.

I just felt good about life. Everything was alright. “One day I woke up and there was more to love. One day I woke up and there was more.” It was the song seeping into my subconscious and it was a real vibe. “More To Luv” is a song that can sneak up on you and get you addicted. But how many people actually heard it?

On YouTube, Minnutes has 364 subscribers and the song that was just uploaded 2 years ago has only been viewed 6.4K times. In fact, 11 years ago, a fan saw value in the song that had no YouTube video at the time and uploaded it to get 13K views.

The phenomenal thing about this song is that it was used in a Target commercial back in 2009, the year it was released. How is it possible that it was in a commercial and then in a popular show but no one really gave the song the time of day? It’s crazy.

That was just a taste. When you hear the whole song, you definitely lose the tensions of life and just adopt a more positive outlook. It is that whole vibe and you’ll want to listen to it on loop.

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