Bebahan Comments On Interesting Butt Play

Bebahan started recently showing up on my Facebook with shorts of her listening to jokes or watching videos, then commenting about them. It is very interesting to listen to her take on things and this video I recently saw is interesting within itself.

It was a short on Facebook with a guy playing drums on the bare bottoms of volunteers in bikinis and high heels. Of course, what immediately went racing through my mind were all the jokes that I could say about the video clip. These girls went on this talent show and put their butts in the air for the contestant to spank, basically.

Could you imagine? What was the conversation like when they called their parents?

“Mom, I’m going to crack my way into show business.” (Borrowed from Friends)

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“I’m going to be on stage in front of millions of people in a bikini and high heels while a man plays drums on my butt. Isn’t that great?”

“I play a butt in a drum kit.”

While the jokes can go on forever, Bebahan does a much better job. Of course, it’s what she does. What I’m able to gather is that her real name might be Hannah and she started out on Twitch. She has a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers and literally over a billion views. She also has an Instagram with almost a million subscribers there.

Needless to say, she’s all over the internet doing her thing and having fun with it. The Facebook short was not capable of being embedded so I found where it came from on her YouTube channel and it’s a bit longer. The Butt Drum Kit part is toward the end but the whole video is entertaining so enjoy your introduction to Bebahan if you haven’t already met her yet.

To learn more about her, just listen to her yourself. She is very comfortable in front of the camera and people ask her some interesting questions. Plus, she finds the most interesting things to talk about herself.

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