Pauly D Getting Love Today For Breaking Through Door

Pauly D is hitting the headlines after his highly heroic act on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. He was forced to bust through a door to avenge his love, Nikki Hall, and there’s so much more to the story.

First of all, what happened on the show is almost unforgivable. Anything they do on the show can be forgiven, but this one comes dangerously close. Someone threw wine. Yes, I said it. You will witness it if you haven’t already seen it, and that’s a very bad thing to do.

It’s inexcusable, to say the least. There are no excuses for ever throwing wine. But it can be forgiven, and you will see that as well. What started as a water battle became very real very quickly. The jokes started swarming about bringing wine to a water fight and who could blame them?

The culprit is Angelina Pivarnick. She’s the one who grabbed the wine, and the victim was Nikki. There is nothing worse than thinking water is coming but you get drenched with wine that will stain your clothes and make a sticky mess on your skin that will take forever to clean.

Of course, Pauly D was going to let Nikki stand at the door knocking and waiting. That door had to be got and got gotten. He busted through, and Angelina got hers too.

So, that appears to be the drunken mess of the story. Because Angelina caught up with Pauly D and Nikki the next day to explain. She had very little memory of the night before she tried to give some insight into what might have been going through her head.

She said she didn’t know it was wine that she had picked up off the table. She also said life is a blur from the night before.

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What I don’t get is this supposedly happened last year, so why is it trending today? There must have been a rerun of the show yesterday that reminded people you can’t hide behind a door when you’re running from Pauly D’s girlfriend.

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