The Blue Beetle Premiere Was So Star-Studded It’s Hilarious

There actually was a Blue Beetle Premiere in El Paso, Texas, the setting of the film and the place where Jaime Reyes lives. The thing is, it didn’t quite go down the way I originally thought.

You’ll love this story because it’s a good example of how easy it is to throw someone off their game. I’m always looking for new and interesting things to write about in the world of entertainment, and Blue Beetle was the topic of the day yesterday. As I researched a few of the details about the Blue Beetle Premiere to get reviews and find out if it is as good as hyped, that’s when I noticed a trend.

There were fans posting celebrity photos as they looked when they attended the premiere. The theme was blue, and they all looked so nice. It was when I saw a post about Taylor Swift attending that I suddenly saw something that wasn’t quite right. But let’s take the journey with me first, and we’ll get there soon enough.

Of course, Blake Lively looked stunning as she chose a soft blue color to attend the Blue Beetle premiere. She probably did it to underplay the blueness of the blue event and not outshine the rest.

Andrew Garfield chose a rather conservative suit. It reminds me a little of the zoot suit trend that hit the ballrooms where they were doing the jitterbug.

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Kendall Jenner came in style in this sleek ensemble with a little flare at the bottom. But who has ever criticized her for going anywhere without doing it right?

Haley Bieber has a Blake Lively vibe going on and they both look good in their own versions.

Beyonce with a train so long it takes ten people to carry.

And then we get to Taylor Swift, who is on the Eras Tour right now. That should have given me enough to pause, but I thought maybe she flew in for the occasion and then back for the tour. Who knows how important these premieres are to celebrities?

At closer inspection, this is what Taylor wore to the 2023 Grammys. That’s when I realized this was all a hoax. I had been trolled by the internet people into thinking all these celebrities made a big deal out of the movie, and I didn’t get the memo.

Well, lesson learned. A lesson I will most likely have to learn again and again because, well you know, the internet.

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