She’s A Young Mother With A Daughter Six Years Younger

Hunter Nelson’s TikTok blew up when she posted a video of herself worried about how she was going to raise a daughter who is almost her age. What had people buzzing is that she’s 21 and her daughter is 15.

There were quite a few confused TikTok users out there wondering how it’s possible to be a 21-year-old with a 15-year-old daughter. But if you listen to her story, you soon find that it isn’t some biological anomaly that only happens to one in ten million children or an even sadder situation. It’s actually very heartwarming, but it begins with heartbreak.

“Me driving down the road and realizing I’m 21 with a 15-year-old,” Hunter wrote in her TikTok which at this time has over 8.2 million views. It’s a humorous TikTok that demonstrates real-world concerns that she has for her situation, which also shows that at her young age, she’s a very responsible person who actually cares.


“I can already feel people asking me what grade I’m in when I go to her events.”

That would be weird to take your daughter to school and almost be able to attend with her, which prompts the question that I’m now ready to answer. She’s actually not her mother, but her sister who applied for guardianship. Gracie was living in North Carolina with her mother and their father, making them half-sisters.


She went on to say, “No other parents or staff members at her HS are gonna take me serious.”

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When their father passed away, Gracie was left there with her mother. But her mother didn’t last much longer, and Grace was looking at being put through the system, which doesn’t always end up in a foster home. So, Hunter stepped up and petitioned the court.


She goes on to express her concerns, “How am I going to teach her to drive when I can barely get down the road.”

Gracie’s maternal family tried to fight it, especially her aunt, who hired a lawyer. But Hunter won custody and took her sister home. The funny thing is that Gracie herself wasn’t for the idea at first, but Hunter eventually won her over, and the two are living a decent life in Kentucky now.

young mother

Hunter didn’t have to do what she did. So, shoutout to her for stepping up to give her grieving sister a better option than what she was facing. That’s the kind of family love this world definitely needs.

young mother

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