Deliveries Put On Hold During Hurriquake Is Sign People Still Have Common Sense

California was bracing for a hurricane, and that’s all the news had to say to keep them informed. When they were hit with an earthquake at the same time, it became the hurriquake of the century and Door Dash decided to suspend all deliveries during the crisis.

It really is a sign that some people still have common sense when it comes to dealing with a crisis. There have been bosses who have demanded their workers show up during a tornado. There’s the story of a guy who was told to come to work while his wife was in labor.

There were riots taking up a whole block and one employer expected employees to show up to work on time despite the fact that the doors were blocked and there was no way into the place. That’s ridiculous but some managers and supervisors are programmed with a “don’t think for yourself” code that doesn’t have an override unless someone above them points out how asinine their actions are.

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But Door Dash showed us their side of humanity. It was great to hear that in the course of the hurriquake, they were willing to suspend deliveries. People should have common sense not to place orders but everyone knows that when a hurricane is coming and an earthquake shows up, you have to have pizza to watch the show.

All jokes aside, that’s a good thing to put deliveries on hold. Drivers don’t need to be out in that, risking their lives to get people their food. Of course, those drivers aren’t getting paid during that time. But it’s times like these when we all need to work together and sitting at home is all anyone’s asking them to do to help.

I hope the best for the residents of California who were up against a hurricane and were hit by an earthquake too. I can only imagine how that compounded the problem. I wish everyone the best and we’ll be hearing about the damages in the days to come.

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