Spotlight On Gina Lynn, the Chick-fil-A Girl And Her Commercial?

When the Chick-fil-A Girl burst onto the scene in the video that went viral, she had everyone in stitches because of how goofy she was acting. All it takes is that kind of exposure to the world and you never know where it can take you, which leads me to a burning question I have about her.

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Her real name is Gina Lynn and from what I gather about this video is her friend came in and shot it while she was working. Of course, she loosened up and let her sense of humor fly. It wasn’t long after that we heard the news that she was fired from Chick-fil-A.

Whatever happened there is in the past. She put out another video addressing that situation and said everything was resolved. Of course, the restaurant chain wouldn’t have looked too good in public opinion for getting rid of their beloved Chick-fil-A Girl. Why would anyone fire her for simply doing this for a friend?

There is a very goofy side to her that everyone adores. But there is another side to her as well. She doesn’t always wear her Chick-fil-A uniform. She calls herself an artist but that could mean anything from a painter to a musician. She could also mean a model.

Of course, another kind of artist is an actress. This brings me to my burning question. Did she slip into acting?

There is an Opill birth control commercial where one of the characters looks just like her. If not, I’m hallucinating. It can’t just be me who sees it.

If that girl is not the Chick-fil-A Girl, she’s her doppelganger. They should meet and play twins in another remake of The Parent Trap. Or give filmmakers another try at Double Trouble.

Of course, we all have that ability in us. There are only a few people in this world who don’t know how to clown around to break the monotony. They are often called “Karens,” and there is a male version. I just don’t think we’ve settled on a name for one yet.

This kid definitely caught the Chick-fil-A Girl spirit and let loose when he found himself behind his father during a boring political speech to a boring bunch of politicians and he was the only young man in the room.

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