Jennifer Lawrence Goes There In ‘No Hard Feelings’

Jennifer Lawrence has been an absolute favorite of mine and continues to do so. In No Hard Feelings, she shows a different side of herself, and there is one scene fans might buy tickets just to see.

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I fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence when I first saw her in Monk back in 2006. Everyone knows her trajectory by now through X-Men and The Hunger Games, but her dilemma in Passengers was my soft spot. I love Chris Pratt, but his lonely character makes a decision to change her life forever. She had plans, and he ruined them. That’s the short of it anyway and sometimes, it takes a dilemma like that to get me on board with a particular celebrity. Yes, I take those feelings to the real world.

But wow! Is Jennifer Lawrence funny? Yes, she’s absolutely hilarious and this one particular scene in No Hard Feelings lets you know that she will do anything for a good movie and a laugh.

The movie is about her character being in a bit of a bind and is given a way out if she can find a way to bring a wealthy couple’s son into manhood. She tries everything and in one beach scene, that is the ultimate in trying. She takes him skinny dipping in the ocean.

That’s when a group of kids threatens to take their clothes. Now, that’s a difficult situation. Imagine having to get out of the water naked and walk across the beach with everyone looking, having no choice. Maddie has a choice. She kicks their ass.

That’s right! She climbs out of the water and walks across the beach naked to kick their ass. She does it all totally in the nude and she wins. If this movie doesn’t get an Emmy for that, for even just that, I don’t know what was their thinking. It deserves a nomination because Jennifer was willing to bare all for her craft and didn’t hesitate.

I don’t want this to become a porn site or be confused with one. So, you’ll just have to go to Twitter to watch the scene.

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