The Scottie Scheffler Episode Begins Crazy And Doesn’t Come Up

What started off as a terrible day for Scottie Scheffler shouldn’t have turned out the way it did. But it will go down in history and I’m not sure whether he cares that it’s part of his legacy now.

Without rechecking the facts to make sure I’m absolutely correct, a man was hit by a bus somewhere around the Valhalla Golf Course where the pros are playing a championship. The pedestrian died but that didn’t matter to Scottie Scheffler who tried to drive around all the police lights and the yellow tape as if nothing else in this world was as important as him. He was trying to get to the golf course to start his day and for some reason, the police just didn’t understand that he had a tee time.

Scottie’s actions led to his arrest rightfully so. I don’t know who needs to be reminded of this but a dead man is more important than a golf tournament, championship or not. So, it looked as if Scottie was going to miss his tournament as he was led away in handcuffs.

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Bonafide! He was legitimately arrested and charged. The police didn’t change their minds when they realized the royalty that they had in the back of their car. Nope. They kept rolling and took him to jail.

They put him in an orange jumper and took his picture. They booked him and let him sit in a cell for a minute. He must have thought his whole career was over as his life passed before his very eyes as he contemplated his selfish actions while sitting on his bunk in a cold, hard, six-by-six room.

Scottie Scheffler

But no! That was not the case. The law enforcement system in Louisville, Kentucky must have finally realized who they had detained and made sure to make things right.

They pushed the gurney with the victim aside and made way for Scottie Scheffler to rush back to his golf tournament. John Mills was an employee of a vendor at the PGA Championship. He was walking across the dedicated bus lane when he was struck. His family is mourning their loss.

Meanwhile, Scottie is back on the golf course and played with laser focus yesterday to shoot a 66 and climb up the leaderboard. It was a phenomenal comeback for a man who should have been distracted. But when you are an athlete of Scottie’s caliber, you can wipe out all the negative thoughts about a man who had just lost his life earlier that day and getting arrested because waiting in traffic while police investigate the scene is way below you.

Fans had no chill. Here are two of them in shirts where one has a picture of Scottie as a convict on his shirt and the other has his actual booking photo. Look at how focused Scottie is! He doesn’t even see the shirts as he shakes hands and high-fives his fans on his way to the next hole.

What’s phenomenal to me is how fast they were able to get shirts. Imagine getting the booking photo and finding the nearest vendor who is willing to push everything aside to print your shirt so that you can get back to the tournament and shake the golfer’s hand with his face on it. That’s a commercial. When you absolutely have to make fun of your favorite golfer by 10 am…

Of course, the internet will not be undone. It has jokes and most of them are on X. Like this one of him heading to the first hole with his new anthem “Many Men” by 50 Cent playing him on.

“Many men, wish death upon me

Blood in my eye dawg and I can’t see

I’m trying to be what I’m destined to be

And [they] trying to take my life away…”

Of course, the jokes are far from over. They’re just getting started. And no, this isn’t my first time on the internet. I know it gets crazy and when the wave of humor starts, even over tragedy, it’s not going to stop any time soon. In fact, the only thing that can get it to stop is the next thing that catches everyone’s attention.

Just try to remember John Mills as the rest of the world moves on without him. Once in a while, give him a thought that his life ended so tragically on a day that should have been one of his best. I think I picked up somewhere that he was retired and he was still working. Whether he was providing security or selling beer, he was a fan of the sport and he loved what he was doing.

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