OnlyFans Girls On Facebook Making Every Willy Wonky

OnlyFans was created for everyone who wanted to turn their interests into extra income using a subscription-based platform. Of course, it became a trend and everyone knows which way that went.

E-commerce used to be a game that only the big guys could play. They were the ones who were able to put all the financial systems into place because they had the big dollars to explore and find the most secure way of doing it. How does a website take a credit card? Can we make banking transactions work? How do we figure out how to shove as much cash as we can through those little input devices on the computers?

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Average Joe and Josephine had no business in that world because they didn’t have the mode. But smart people figured it out that if they could find a way of making it possible for anyone to create their own subscription-based service and take care of the financials for them, it would lead to even more cash being shoved into computers.

In comes OnlyFans with its solution. Of course, anyone can have their own space on the platform. There are artists who paint and let the world watch. There are musicians who record music for their fans to hear. It’s a great place for anyone with any interest to put it on display and charge a subscription to fans who want to see it that bad.

Of course, there are plenty of different pages on the platform but mainly, it attracted the attention of a lot of beautiful women. When they started hearing how much a creator could make on the site, they came running. It also came with its own share of scandals such as the story of the teacher who was suspended because she dared to supplement her income with an OnlyFans page.

One of the strategies of gaining subscribers has become putting together a Facebook page and acting like they’re genuinely interested in the guys they send friend requests to. It’s actually easy to spot. A hot model out of nowhere sending a friend request is the first red flag. Think about it. How many hot models genuinely sent you a friend request yesterday? And the day before? There you go.

Not only that, but going on their page, the first post has a link. The bio has a link. Everything screams OnlyFans and still, guys are falling for it. They comment, “You are gorgeous,” “Beautiful,” “Stunning.” They slide into their DMs and try to strike up a conversation. They just don’t get it. These are the guys who are paying off mortgages, buying sports cars, putting in pools, and sending kids through college…for the girls.

I just hope they’re treating their own families as good…

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