Old Boy Mentality Ends Teacher’s Career Over Only Fans

Some laws are so archaic, they remind me of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. If a teacher can’t have an Only Fans page, what century are we in?

Brianna Coppage is an English teacher at St. Clair High School in Missouri. As reported by STL Today, the median salary among teachers is $47,392 at the high school. It’s no secret that teachers don’t get paid enough, and when Only Fans makes it so easy to pick up a sizable second income, why not?

The problem is that when the administrators found out about it, they first put her on leave. But she has a feeling that it’s the end of her career because she was aware of the risks she was taking. In an interview, Brianna said, “It was kind of always like this cloud hanging over my head like I never knew when I would be discovered. Then, about two weeks ago, my husband and I were told that people were finding out about it. So I knew this day was coming.”

What’s crazy is how did the administrators find out? That’s kind of the hypocrisy of it all. It’s okay for guys to go on her Only Fans and enjoy looking at her pictures and videos. But it’s not okay for her to have it in the first place. The good ol’ hypocrisy that keeps rearing its ugly head in our society. And it’s a shame too if she never gets to teach again because it’s hard to find teachers who actually love their job.

She went on to say, “I’m very aware that I am probably never going to teach again, but that was kind of the risk I knew I was taking. I am sad about that. I do miss my students.”

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This issue runs deeper than that. It reminds me of a mom whose kids were expelled from a school because she had an Only Fans page. She wasn’t even a teacher. Just a parent.

The Real Mrs. Poindexter’s clients are all people in the district, or at least at the time they were. Now, her subscription has grown outside of the district into much bigger pastures. While she beat the economic breakdown and was able to overcome it in a huge way despite everything she was up against, it was her kids who were punished.

I don’t put that on her. I put that on the school that tries to have such a squeaky-clean reputation and it doesn’t even come close. It’s a highly hypocritical system that sits in judgment of people while it doesn’t have any right to judge anyone.


Brianna has watched her Only Fans page grow and her income has surpassed her teacher salary. So, she didn’t get hurt in any way by the Board of Education’s actions. But her students are the ones who were punished because she was a teacher who cared, a hard-to-find commodity in the field.

When will we get our heads out of our butts? If she were incompetent, I could see them investigating her. But she does this on her own time and her work is hidden behind a subscription. The only people who get on her page are people willing to pay for it, which means they consent to her adult content. I’m really confused about what the problem is.

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