She Was Doing Her Business On The Toilet When This Happened

Doing your business in a public place isn’t always a great idea. When you have to go, you have to go. But for several reasons, you hope it’s not at a club when nature calls, and this one is new for me.

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This girl was just minding her own business when she got some visitors while she was sitting in the stall. And the kicker is, people followed with their phones recording, so her entire episode was severely violated. Imagine your pants down around your ankles when all of a sudden, a crowd breaks through, and your bare bottom is caught on video by someone’s camera you don’t even know.

Toilets are supposed to provide a place of peace so that you can do what you came to do in some kind of comfort. Some public toilets go so far as to put a television up for your entertainment. You might find reading material in the stall to pass the time while you’re waiting for your body to make a move.

But most people just take a phone in with them and do their Facebooking or TikToking, whatever it takes to catch up on their social media while things are moving around in there. But live-action was never part of the deal.

Most of us want our privacy when we’re dropping things off at the public facilities. And if we happen to get company while we’re on the porcelain throne, it’d be nice if they didn’t bring a camera crew in with them to turn it into a production.

This poor lady didn’t have a chance. She was caught with her pants down, literally. I don’t know how I would be able to deal with life after my internal investigation was put on public display but I think I would need a long sojourney on a mountain somewhere while the air clears.
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