BTS Rapper Min Yoongi AKA Suga Heading To Military – ‘Future’s Gonna Be Okay’

The word became official that Suga of BTS will be heading to the military and fans aren’t happy, but they’re showing their support for their favorite South Korean rapper with the “Future’s Gonna Be Okay” anthem. It has me wondering how that works and will the whole band have to enlist.

BIGHIT Music put out a notice and informed all the BTS fans that K-Pop artist Min Yoongi AKA Suga has decided not to postpone his enlistment but rather to go ahead and get it over with. That’s good thinking for a young artist who is being called to serve while enjoying a very successful career in music. Just do it and get back to the rest of his life as soon as possible.

Future's Gonna Be Okay
via BIGHIT Music

The “Future’s Gonna Be Okay” for the artist and how it works is the South Korean government chooses men randomly and sends them an enlistment package. Of course, postponing service or getting out of it for very limited reasons is available. But Suga won’t be doing any of that. He did attempt to postpone it but decided to enter service, and that’s what has his fans so emotional right now.

He can serve as little as 18 months, and he’s not the only BTS member to go through this. Jung Ho-seok AKA J-Hope just enlisted in April and Kim Seok-jin or Jin enlisted in December last year. They will be on hiatus until 2025, and that’s when they’ll all get back together to continue entertaining the fans again.

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He’s being remembered in wonderful tributes. But guys, he’s not gone yet. And he will be back.

When you have an Army as big as he does and they’re all pouring out their hearts to show their love, the tributes are virtually endless.

It reminds me of Elvis Presley when he enlisted in the Army after his career had taken off, but that turned out to be a great move for him. He met Priscilla, and they had Lisa Marie who meant all the world to him. So, there’s that. Suga might walk out after serving his country with more than he ever expected.

The Future’s Gonna Be Okay!

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