King Charles III Getting Roasted For Portrait That Looks Like It

King Charles III unveiled his first official portrait since his coronation and probably shouldn’t have. Not everything needs to be made public and this is one of them.

It’s not common knowledge how long he posed for Jonathan Yeo with fire burning all around him while the artist painted the predominantly red portrait. But Jonathan probably pronounces his last name “Yow” by now because of his art getting roasted across the internet. He is a great painter and if you look through his works in the past, he has created some flawless masterpieces. It’s not his skills that are in question but his decision-making that the amateur art critics are blasting about him.

King Charles
via AP

King Charles III stands with Jonathan Yeo after unveiling the fiery piece where the monarch is posing in his red uniform of the Welsh Guards. Symbolically, a monarch is landing on his shoulder. His hands are resting on the handle of his sword and his medals on his chest are hard to make out, but they are there. Everything else is on fire.

It’s an interesting choice of artwork. Fast eyes were quick to point out that it is reminiscent of the portrait of another famous ruler. Vigo the Carpathian was an evil tyrant who rose to power in the 1500s and along with learning black magic, he also learned to paint which allowed him to possess the power to lock himself inside his own painting. This is the myth according to the historians responsible for penning the scripts known as Ghostbusters II.

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King Charles
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“Death is but a Door; Time is but a Window… I’ll be back!”

Vigo the Carpathian was one of the stars of Ghostbusters II along with the Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson crew. It is said that Vigo was a miserable man who made life a living hell for everyone he ruled, met, tortured, and eventually murdered. His friends weren’t that much happier around him and sometimes, suffered the same fate. Is this some insider secret being revealed about King Charles III himself?

One can only assume. But there is another king that this portrait brings back to memory. He is one of the greatest kings of all and a discussion of royal paintings would not be complete without a mention of this one.

King Charles
via Disney

It was on a particularly fiery day back in 1994 when Simba lost his father. He ran away from the tribe because he thought it was his fault. But he returned a king just like his father Mufasa and he reclaimed his kingdom with the help of Timon and Pumbaa.

It is one the greatest stories of royalty ever to have been told and it too had to be memorialized in a bright fiery portrait deserving of a kingdom’s respect. It might be this portrait that King Charles is attempting to emulate. Forget Vigo, the scoundrel. Simba is a much greater king to follow.

Has the portrait of the monarch of England brought up some interesting debate? Yes, it has. There are conspiracy theorists who say the symbolism in the painting is hidden deep below the surface. That’s where the demons can be found. In fact, it is documented in the following video, created by an artist using only Instagram tools to unmask these hidden secrets.

Of course, the 300 Beer Weekend channel took it upon themselves to see what other demons they could unmask. With words like “Outrageous,” “Crazy,” and “Simply Insane,” it’s not hard to figure out what they pulled out of the painting’s inner power to speak from the dark realms.

Either that or those words are meant to be about the debate itself. That could be. The 300 Beer Weekend has made it clear that they are never to be taken seriously. So, that might be a clue.

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