National Girlfriend Day Is Today

It’s National Girlfriend Day and that means it’s time to give a shoutout to your girlfriend whoever she might be. For some very beautiful women, it’s a day to do a shoutout to themselves and some of them wouldn’t be wrong.

Days of the Year credits Mistress Susan for coming up with National Girlfriend Day back in 2004. So, let’s go with that and there is a Boyfriend Day. We’ll get to that when the time comes but for now, let’s keep our eyes on the girls for today.

Some of the shoutouts are very legitimate from guys who love their girlfriends enough to post about them today. But this one caught my eye and not for obvious reasons. I saw her and wondered who was doing the shoutout. Then, I realized it was in fact her giving herself a shoutout and I thought, “That’s nice.”

It’s a positive “I could be someone’s girlfriend” post if only there was someone special in her life.

Then, I realized that there was a trend for some ladies who wanted to take the moment and put themselves out there. Good for them. Of course, they could easily be someone’s girlfriend if that certain someone would only step up.

Then, there was another kind of post that I noticed was also trending. A fan has put together this video of clips of a model that they would like to be their girlfriend. I don’t blame them. After watching the video, I see what they see.

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This is a stunning shoutout! It had to be included because there is a lot of beauty in this photo. Too much to pass.

Another clip of a dream girl and they’re not wrong. The smile and the wave do it for me.

Of course, some people have jokes. Who am I to deny them their place on my list?

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