UFO Hearing Before Government Panel Is Totes Hilarious

These guys are great and they should run every Los Angeles City Council meeting ever. They think aliens are coming in a UFO and that we should welcome them with a huge party. Listen to the specifics and it sounds like a party we should just have anyway whether the aliens show up or not.

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Notoriously, we have been programmed to fear the aliens. Just about every movie and television show that was ever made had an underlying danger to it. Whether it was about aliens coming to attack us straight up or if they came in peace with a hidden agenda to take over the world, there was always danger to consider.

These guys don’t see that in any way. In fact, they are the welcoming committee for the green guys in their UFO. That’s what they referred to the alien beings as in this very real, very legitimate Los Angeles City Council meeting. By legitimate, I mean that it actually happened. It looks like it did anyway.

There are government officials looking around at each other as if they don’t know whether or not to take these two guys seriously. And the way the man talks, he has all the lingo down. It’s very croosh that he knows how to talk supreme cool to the new dudes and throwing tacos into the party mix to support the local cuisine was a nice touch.

Actually, these guys call themselves the Stoke Lords, Chad Kroeger and JT Parr. They are podcasters out in California and they like to talk about issues but they have been known to prank people and they are quite the comedians. So, I wouldn’t take too much of this seriously. Just enjoy the message because the party sounds lit and L.A. should run it anyway.

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