Philadelphia Phillies Fans: No More Hot Dog For You

Even though the Philadelphia Phillies are full grown fans, they’re getting punished for their behavior. In what I consider a hard punishment to live with, the hot dog nights promotion is being taken away like they’re a bunch of teenagers about to lose their internet.

What brought this on? Actually, there are a few things that have happened. Several instances have led to this decision in addition to the long lines being so disruptive in the stadium.

You can’t beat $1 hot dog nights when it comes to watching a Philadelphia Phillies game. It’s been a thing for years. The Phillies started $1 hot dog nights nearly three decades ago to get fans in the seats. But it’s so popular that they fill the concourse and that long line lasts all game. What’s taking the promotion’s place now?

“In its place will be two Hatfield Phillies Franks BOGO Nights where fans can get two hot dogs for the price of one ($5) at Citizens Bank Park,” according to CBS News.

“It wasn’t just the throwing. It’s the concourse, the crowds of everybody being at the same X amount of stands. But obviously, you know, the throwing was a little bit of a tipping point,” said John Weber, senior vice president, Phillies ticket operations and projects.

One commentor said, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” And I can imagine that most other fans feel the same way.

This is another angle of the infamous April 11th event where it appears to be a nice food fight. By nice, I mean that the food being thrown seems acceptable to eat when it arrives. Normally, it’s plastered on someone’s face and in my book, that’s the way you have a food fight.

If the chili sauce isn’t on someone’s shirt, you’re doing it wrong. Mustard should be everywhere. Ketchup is great for making stains that don’t come out in the wash. I just don’t think these people were really trying.

Well, because they couldn’t just eat their food instead of throwing it, they’re going to have to deal with 2 for 1 $5 deals. A $5 hot dog is a little harder to let fly across the stadium at someone else’s face than a $1 deal.

Will the $1 deal ever come back? That depends on the fans. But hot dogs and baseball go hand in hand. The only thing missing in that recipe is apple pie.

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Just remember, eat the hot dogs and the apple pie separate. They really don’t go together as a food. Only as a symbol of what it means to be American.

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