‘The Rookie’ Gets A Little Ridiculous

Following The Rookie for years since Richard Castle became John Nolan, a writer becoming a police officer for real. He went through the hard times of being trained and now he’s a training officer himself. But he got married and took a few days off. That’s when the show went off the chains.

The Rookie started with John Nolan as a rookie. He had several officers with him in training. Lucy Chen was one of them and Jackson West was the other. West was killed in action and that was a sad day for fans. But Chen has gone on to become a great officer herself. In fact, she is up for detective and going through the testing to see if she can break through that silent barrier. Which by the way, is another point of ridiculousness for me. But I’ll get to that another day.

John Nolan, played by the great Nathan Fillion and Bailey Nune, a fireperson played by the beautiful Jenna Dewan, have found each other along the way. Now, they’re getting married. In Season 6 Episode 3, also entitled “Trouble in Paradise,” they’re on their honeymoon and vacationing on some island somewhere.

You have had enough time to watch it by now. But ***Spoilers*** just in case!!!

Imagine this, they walk into a crime scene. When a body washes up on shore, it just happens to wash up on their shore. They can’t have a vacation. Not for a second. This construction worker turned police officer and his crime fighting wife who puts out fires for a living now have to solve a crime when they’re supposed to be in bed doing what married people do.

The Rookie Turned Monk-esque

The Rookie

It reminds me of Monk, the crime solving series with Tony Shalhoub, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, and Bitty Schram. Shalhoub plays Monk, a man with issues that extend to everything from him having to count, touch, and avoid everything. But his attention to detail is on fleek.

The thing about Monk was the premise was simple. He was an outstanding detective who picked up on things no one else did. That’s how he was able to solve cases. That was enough for the show.

But, no. Everywhere he went, there was a murder. He breaks down in the middle of nowhere and there’s a murder. He stays in a Bed and Breakfast where his deceased wife and he used to go, there’s a murder. The guy can’t go anywhere without having to solve a murder. And the connection with him and the San Francisco Police Department was enough to keep the story moving forward. So, why does he have to walk into a murder everywhere he goes?

Welcome back to The Rookie, and that’s what’s going on. Why does John Nolan have to experience a murder everywhere he goes? Why send him on a honeymoon and add a murder? It would be easier to just write him out of that episode. He’s the star! He can take the hit. Fans will understand.

But that’s not the extent of the ridiculousness! Detective Angela Lopez and Gold Ticket Nyla Harper get a pass to rescue him? They get to fly on the city’s dime to an island and participate in the investigation, which is out of their jurisdiction. That came up, by the way. They did address that issue and they dismissed it a little too quickly for my taste.

My name is Michael Allen. I stand by The Rookie and I will continue watching. But we already have a show called Ridiculousness. We don’t need this one becoming that one. Have I made my case or do I have to fly out to LA?

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